Multimedia Content for the Company and Products
Glazed Porcelain Tiles As our top selling series of porcelain tile products, our glazed porcelain tiles are noted for their beautiful glossy appearance and impressive durability. These products are an excellent balance of features shared by our polished tiles and rustic tiles. The glazing offers a smooth finish like our polished tiles and they have the patterns and rich colors of our rustic tiles.
Polished Porcelain Tiles Natural stone products and marble tiling products are great materials and beautiful to look at, but they can also be very expensive and require maintenance to prevent them from needing replacement. We have the solution to all of those problems with our polished porcelain tiles. They can replicate the texture and appearance of natural stone while also having a much more durable makeup.
Rustic Tiles Blackstone rustic tiles come in a diverse range of styles, all at competitive prices. They are manufactured using hydraulic presses and sintering processes, giving them high strength and water resistance. Our rustic porcelain tiles are well known for their various chemical resistances and anti-skid nature.
Wood Effect Tiles Our wood effect tiles are developed to have the appearance of natural wood grain by means of 3D digital inkjet printing. Ceramic tiles with wood effects are suitable alternatives for natural wood paneling because of the ease of maintenance.
Thin Porcelain Tiles Thin porcelain tiles are made from clay and other non-organic and non-metallic materials. After these ceramic tiles are shaped, the compound goes through calcinations at 1200 degrees and other processes until we are left with a porcelain sheet.
    1. Ceramic Floor and Wall TilesOur ceramic floor and wall tiles are designed to have the appearance of granite with advanced glazed interior wall tile production technology.
      Fired at a high temperatures, our ceramic tile is extremely hard.
Porcelain Mosaic Tiles Our porcelain mosaic tiles are created to brighten your space and add textures and colors to wherever you want to install your mosaic feature. Also called 3D porcelain tiles, our products will be sure to grab the attention of guests.