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Developing History

Blackstone was founded in Foshan as a specialized producer of black polished porcelain tile. In that year, we lunched the exclusive vanadium-titanium super black polished porcelain tile with infrared health care and anti-static functionality. These tiles are favored by customers and are still a top seller.

Blackstone Group and Pioneer from Italy worked together to set up a joint venture in Hong Kong. The joint venture was mainly committed to the import of Italian tiles and the export of domestic tiles.

We introduced a line of rustic tiles that included metal textures, wood textures, water textures, fire textures and earth textures were put on the market.

Our company launched the super white micro crystal tile which is known as the “Pearl of Tile”.This new product sold well in European and American markets.

The Goldentimes production base and Yaju Ceramic Factory production base were completed and were mainly used for the development, production and selling of polished porcelain tiles.
We expanded our product mix and range from single black porcelain tile to the full range of polished porcelain tile products, covering soluble salt, double loading and full body polished porcelain tiles in the sizes of 500×500mm, 300×600mm, 600 ×600mm and 800×800mm. In the same year, our sales volume increased by 10 times.

With a continuously increasing export share, Blackstone Industrial Limited was established in Foshan City, mainly responsible for the exporting of the products produced by Blackstone Group.
In the same year, Blackstone Industrial actively took part in many international exhibitions. In the Brazil Feicon Batimat Fair and Iran Confair, we successfully promoted our products and our tile products were a major hit in South America and the Middle East.

We launched the 600×1200mm and 1200×1200mm series large-size polished porcelain tiles.

The Da Vinci series glazed porcelain tiles with inkjet printed textures were brought to market and sold very well.

We launched the Ultimate brand porcelain tile products. The polished porcelain tile with whiteness higher than 80% and a thin tile with thickness of only 4.8mm were successfully introduced all over the world.
In the same year, our company’s marketing headquarters was stationed in the Foshan International Furniture Expo Mall, which is the largest one-stop household products purchasing center in the world. This further improved the reputation of Blackstone.

In order to combat logistics costs and issues, we set up International Logistics Services Ltd., which offers one-stop purchasing and shipping services.

Blackstone continues to provide innovative products and innovative services, and we are looking forward to being your partner.