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Blackstone is a professional manufacturer of high-end porcelain tiles and we have been developing eco-friendly tiles for almost a decade. Our products include a full selection of tiles, including polished porcelain tile, glazed tile, ceramic tile and many other decorative tiles. We produce more than 200 patterns and a wide selection of sizes to meet your tiling needs. Our elegant, natural and smooth tiles can be used for everything from ceramic flooring to purely decorative installations.

Our company is headquartered in Foshan, China’s ceramics capital. We operate a production base that can output 5 million square meters of porcelain products, each year. We are also one of the earliest enterprises in Foshan to use clean energy (natural gas). Blackstone employs some of the most advanced porcelain production equipment and automatic production lines in the world in order to manufacture our high quality tile products.
One of the reasons for our consistent level of high quality production is due to our strict adherence to ISO9001:2008 international quality management system standards. In addition, all of our decorative porcelain tiles have passed CE certification, ensuring that every product lives up to international standards.

We also have a product development and sales team made up of lively and experienced employees. These qualified team members are the reason for our creative and innovative tile designs that have made our customers extremely happy.

Our Culture and Mission

Innovation is the driving force of manufacturing and Blackstone takes this to heart. We have always been dedicated to designing and producing environmentally friendly building materials which, along with product quality, make up our two biggest goals as a producer.

We are a customer oriented company, selling porcelain products at competitive prices and offering great products and excellent logistics services.

Our Future

Price, quality and service are the keystones of our enterprise. We strive to continuously improve our products and develop new and interesting tiles in order to fully satisfy the demands of our customers. Blackstone tiles are definitely worth the investment.