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Thin Porcelain Tiles

Thin porcelain tiles are made from clay and other non-organic and non-metallic materials. After these ceramic tiles are shaped, the compound goes through calcinations at 1200 degrees and other processes until we are left with a porcelain sheet.

    1. Vogue SeriesOur Vogue series thin porcelain tile is designed with rich colors for a simple and modern look. Colors can be used solo or mixed with others to create your own decorative style.
      This series of thin tile comes in matte or polished finishes.
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    1. Sandstone SeriesOur Sandstone series thin porcelain tile is designed based on Australian sandstone. The tile products come in matte or molded designs with a texture that is almost abstract.
      Blackstone thin tiles are a great way to save material without sacrificing the strength of the ceramic tile.
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    1. Maple SeriesOur Maple series thin porcelain tiles is designed with light and dark wooden patterns that adds a natural aesthetic.
      With realistic looking wood effects, our thin tiles can pass for real wood.
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    1. Granite SeriesOur Granite series thin porcelain tile is designed to mimic natural granite and comes in a variety of granite patterns and colors.
      We have perfected the process in which we can create 3D effects with our printing technology in order to make realistic looking ceramic tiles.
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    1. Rock SeriesOur Rock series thin porcelain tiles are designed to appear as though they are made from natural stone.
      Water absorption of these ceramic tiles is lower than 0.1% and they can be used for many years with minimal maintenance.
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    1. Colorful World SeriesOur Colorful World series thin porcelain tile is designed based on beautiful wallpaper designs including geometric patterns, flowers, leaves and many other vintage styles.
      These wall tiles are made for interior spaces and they create a special and welcoming aesthetic.
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    1. Nature SeriesOur Nature series thin porcelain tile is designed to mimic natural elements. These thin tiles are perfect for minimalistic design choices.
      The ceramic tiles are thin, light and have a large surface area. This greatly reduces the weight load on buildings.
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    1. Fashion Fabric SeriesOur Fashion Fabric series thin porcelain tile is designed to appear as though the tile is made from fabric elements. The textures evoke a sense of luxury which is what makes these such a popular tile product.
      The water absorption is very low on these thin tiles and they feature extreme levels of durability.
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1. Thinner: Only 4.8 mm thickness, reduce material consumption per unit area, reduce comprehensive energy consumption
2. Lighter: Effectively reduce building its own load, reducing the parts of the installation and labor costs.
3. Bigger: Product specification mainly 600X1200X4.8mm, the largest size can be 1200 X3600mm.
4. Warmer: Thin material allows for fast heating in heated floor applications.
5. Better environment protection: When renovating, you do not need to pry up the original floor or wall tile.
6. More convenient: Cutting more convenient, lower cost
7. Richer in art: Decorative art is stronger and color is rich and stable.
8. Safer: Relative to some types of stone, these tile products do not have any traces of radioactive material.
9. Long service life: Maintenance is easier compared to natural stone.

1. Exhibition buildings and amusement parks
2. Metros and tunnels
3. Exterior walls of buildings
4. Shopping malls, hotels and office buildings
5. Station/airports
6. House decoration

Packing Information

Size(mm) Pcs/ctn Sqm/ctn Kg/ctn Ctns/pallet Pallet/20'(27t) Ctns/20'(27t) Sqm/20'(27t)
600x1200x4.8 3 2.16 24.00 34 30 1020 2203.20