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Thin Porcelain Tiles

, Rock Series
  • BSYP120601
  • BSYP120609
  • BXLP120612
  • BXLP120613
  • BSYP120615

Detailed Information

Size 600x 1200x4.8 mm
Surface Matt / polished
Color Multicolor
Grade AAA grade, first choice
Water absorption < 0.1%

1. Our Rock series thin porcelain tiles are designed to appear as though they are made from natural stone.
2. Water absorption of these ceramic tiles is lower than 0.1% and they can be used for many years with minimal maintenance.
3. Blackstone thin tiles are a great way to save resources while still creating beautiful, long lasting tile products.

1. Commercial applications: Exhibition buildings, amusement parks, metros, tunnels, external walls of buildings, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, and airports etc.
2. House application: Living rooms, kitchens, bedroom walls or floor decoration etc.

Packing Information

Size(mm) Pcs/ctn Sqm/ctn Kg/ctn Ctns/pallet Pallet/20' (27t) Ctns/20' (27t) Sqm/20' (27t)
600x1200x4.8 3 2.16 24.00 3 4 3 0 1020 2203 . 2 0
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