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Wood Effect Tiles

Our wood effect tiles are developed to have the appearance of natural wood grain by means of 3D digital inkjet printing. Ceramic tiles with wood effects are suitable alternatives for natural wood paneling because of the ease of maintenance.

    1. Maple SeriesThe Maple series wood effect tiles come with the fantastic look of Canadian maple grain. The wood grain on these ceramic tiles is achieved using inkjet printer technology. This allows the tile to retain the warm and soft appearance of maple without sacrificing the durability of porcelain tile. Inquiry Form
    1. Amazon SeriesThe design of the Amazon series wood effect tiles is inspired by cherry wood trees native to Brazil.
      The wood texture of these glazed porcelain tiles is smooth and meticulously designed. The wood grain is natural in appearance and looks outstanding.
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    1. Caribbean SeriesOur Caribbean series wood effect tiles are based on the natural wood grain of Swietenia Humilis trees that are native to Mexico. We have succeeded in perfectly replicating this type of wood for our glazed tiles. Inquiry Form
    1. Petrified Forest SeriesOur Petrified Forest series wood effect tiles are based on the wood grain of petrified trees. Our excellent 3D inkjet technology allows us to perfectly recreate the style of this wood that has over time, turned to stone. This line of glazed tiles offers a unique aesthetic that is hard to find elsewhere. Inquiry Form
    1. Betulla SeriesThe Betulla series wood effect tiles are designed for true, high-end wood flooring appearance. The wood grain design is based on Betulla trees, which grow in the north of America. As one of our bestselling lines of flooring products, this line comes in ivory, brown and black tiles. Inquiry Form

Our wood glazed tiles are exported all over the world and have become some of our top selling products. These decorative tiles can be used as both floor tiles and wall tiles.