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Rustic Tiles

Blackstone rustic tiles come in a diverse range of styles, all at competitive prices. They are manufactured using hydraulic presses and sintering processes, giving them high strength and water resistance. Our rustic porcelain tiles are well known for their various chemical resistances and anti-skid nature.

    1. Bath Sandstone SeriesThis series of rustic tile uses advanced 3D printing technology and high quality raw materials during production.
      The tile products feature matt surfaces that are durable, pliable and come in various colors.
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    1. Elizabeth SeriesThe Elizabeth Series rustic tiles are designed with a pattern that resembles carpet and brings a warm sense to any space where they are installed. Made using 3D printing, these tile products look like true carpet. Inquiry Form
    1. Moon Valley SeriesOur Moon Valley Series rustic tiles offer a unique aesthetic that is both modern and classic at the same time. The flooring tiles are 3D printed and feature a design that resembles the surface of the moon. You will feel like you are walking on the moon when you step foot on this incredible floor tile. Inquiry Form
    1. NEXO SeriesOur NEXO series rustic tiles evoke a natural aesthetic that has been described as warm and inviting. These flooring and wall tiles are very popular because of their neutral colors and beautiful appearance. They are often chosen by those seeking close to nature porcelain tiles. Inquiry Form
    1. Rust SeriesOur Rust Series rustic tiles are designed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere as either floor tiles or wall tiles. The rust colors in the porcelain tiles give off an inviting aesthetic that is sure to warm up any room. Inquiry Form
    1. Titan SeriesThe Titan Series rustic tiles are designed for large decorative flooring applications and they represent modern fashion combined with classical beauty. The warm rust colors in the floor tiles give them an inviting appearance. Inquiry Form
    1. Fabric SeriesThe Blackstone Fabric series rustic tiles are designed to have a 3D fabric visual. We use imported glazes and advanced 3D printing technology to produce these amazing flooring tiles. These flooring solutions are warm and inviting while also extremely fashionable. Inquiry Form
    1. Cement SeriesThe Cement series rustic tiles give off the appearance of real cement but the ceramic tiles are much more durable and are resistant to cracking over time. Compared to real cement flooring, these decorative tiles also have better chemical resistance properties, requiring minimal upkeep. Inquiry Form
    1. 450x900mm SeriesThe 450x900mm series rustic tiles are designed with the appearance of natural, tough stone, giving off a minimalist aesthetic. These tile products are produced using 3D printing techniques. They can also be used as both wall tiles and floor tiles. Inquiry Form
    1. Others SeriesThese other series of rustic tiles features marble patterns that are natural and tough rustic stone characteristics. Tile products like this offer the chance to create stone features that are made from ceramic materials that are much easier to maintain and are significantly more affordable. Inquiry Form

Rustic tiles are produced in a wide variety of colors and patterns, showing strong layering effects. Ceramic tiles with a rustic style are extremely popular because they represent classic design choices that never seem to go out of style. Our rustic tiles are perfect for kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles and flooring tiles.

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