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Polished Porcelain Tiles

, Small Hole Travertine Series
  • LV8001
  • LV8008

Detailed Information

Size 600x600mm/800x800mm/600x1200mm
Surface Polished/matt
Color White/yellow/beige
Grade AAA grade, first choice
Water absorption ≤ 0.2%

The Small Hole Travertine Series polished porcelain tiles are produced the same way as the Big Hole Travertine ceramic tiles. They use the same equipment that scatters travertine material into unique patterns on the surface of the flooring tile. The porcelain production techniques are the most important part of these products and the smaller holes of these particular tiles make them more suitable for smaller surfaces.

Commercial application: shopping malls, upscale restaurants, hotels, office buildings
Housing application: living rooms, bedrooms

Packing Information

Size(mm) Pcs/ctn Sqm/ctn Kg/ctn Ctns/pallet Pallet/20' (27t) Ctns/20' (27t) Sqm/20' (27t)
600x600 4 1.44 31 40 22 880 1267.2
800x800 3 1.92 43.5 28 21 588 1128.96
600x1200 2 1.44 42 52 10*52+4*20 640 921.6
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