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Glazed Porcelain Tiles

As our top selling series of porcelain tile products, our glazed porcelain tiles are noted for their beautiful glossy appearance and impressive durability. These products are an excellent balance of features shared by our polished tiles and rustic tiles. The glazing offers a smooth finish like our polished tiles and they have the patterns and rich colors of our rustic tiles.

    1. Metro SeriesThe Metro series of glazed porcelain tiles feature tiles with surfaces that have flow lines and a vivid ink level.
      These tiles are painted to have a natural look similar to stone or marble.
      Soft, stylish and imaginative textures provide an elegant aesthetic.
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    1. Carrara SeriesThe Carrara series of glazed tiles features whiteness that mimics natural stone that is beautiful to behold yet easier to clean than natural stone.
      The texture of these ceramic tiles uses the free cloth system to give them a natural stone appearance.
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    1. Antica SeriesThe Antica series of glazed tiles are based on classical Italian designs with bursting stone patterns. The beige and ivory ceramic tiles offer a classic look that never goes out of style.
      3D inkjet printing technology allows for the printing of delicate textures that look natural.
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    1. Gala SeriesOur Gala series glazed porcelain tiles are produced with a stone pattern with wave lines. The smoke and honey color scheme blends with many different decorative styles.
      The 3D inkjet printing unit used to make this decorative flooring is of the highest quality and can create delicate textures that appear natural.
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    1. Luca SeriesThe Blackstone Luca series glazed tiles are high-end decorative flooring solutions with a beautiful natural stone appearance that is created using a 3D ink-jet printer. These ceramic tiles are elegant and able to withstand prolonged use in high traffic applications. Inquiry Form
    1. Onice SeriesThe Onice series glazed tiles are decorative flooring solutions that are produced with ivory and pink in order to give off the appearance of marble.
      Our Onice ceramic tiles are more than just flooring, they give off a sense of luxury at a cost that is much less and easier to maintain than marble.
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    1. Pulpis SeriesOur Pulpis series of glazed porcelain tiles are made with a marble grain effect and will have you thinking you are standing on real marble.
      The marble effects of these flooring tiles is created using 3D inkjet printing technology.
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    1. Roma SeriesThe Roma series of glazed porcelain tile is designed with elegance and personality. The line features apricot, gold, and apricot and grey ceramic tiles for your selection.
      The unique grain pattern on the Roma glazed tiles is made using 3D inkjet printing technology that gives it a natural yet modern look.
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    1. Rosin Yellow SeriesThe Rosin Yellow glazed porcelain tiles give off a sense of gentle warmth, making them perfect flooring solutions for your home or even high-end public spaces.
      The marble appearance on these ceramic tiles is made using 3D inkjet printing technology and the tiles have a water absorption rate lower than 0.1%.
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    1. Victoria SeriesThe Victoria series of glazed porcelain tile is designed with the appearance of natural marble with a special smooth stone grain effect.
      The ceramic tiles are processed with 3D printing technology to give them their marble grain appearance.
      The water absorption rate is extremely low with these flooring tiles at 0.1%
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    1. Trend SeriesThe colors of the Trend series glazed porcelain tiles evoke a sense of purity with the gold, ivory and honey color scheme.
      The luxury flooring tiles have the appearance of natural marble thanks to the excellent 3D inkjet printing process.
      These ceramic tiles are much easier to maintain than marble flooring because of its low water absorption rate and durability.
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    1. Windsor SeriesThe Windsor series of glazed porcelain tile is inspired by a British flooring design.
      The high-end design of these ceramic tile is accomplished using 3D inkjet printing technology.
      Our tiles are built to last and require much less upkeep compared to natural stone and marble tiles.
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    1. Spanish Impression SeriesThe Spanish Impression series of glazed porcelain tiles is inspired by traditional Spanish designs with many beautiful patterns on these ceramic tiles.
      The designs and patterns on these decorative tiles are applied using 3D inkjet printing and the water absorption rate is only 0.1%.
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    1. Black and White Classic SeriesBlack and white is a color scheme that never goes out of style. Our Black and White Classic Series glazed porcelain tiles are fantastic choices for wall and floor tiling.
      These tiles are colored using 3D inkjet printing technology and they serve as long lasting tile solutions with their durability and low water absorption properties.
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    1. Other Series In addition to all of the fine series of glazed porcelain tiles that you have browsed through already, we also produce many additional glazed tile products. These flooring tiles come in various designs including additional marble patterns that are luxurious and long lasting. Inquiry Form

Glazed porcelain tiles also include a wide variety of simple style designs. These ceramic tiles can be used for a minimalistic design that is simple, yet elegant.

They offer a suitable replacement for expensive, high-end stone materials, decreasing the cost of building features and protecting natural resources at the same time. Glazed porcelain floor tile is suitable for all kinds of spaces despite its luxury appearance, it is highly durable and can be used in high traffic areas.