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Glazed Porcelain Tiles

, Black and White Classic Series
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Detailed Information

Size 600x600mm
Surface Polished
Grade AAA grade, first choice
Water absorption ≤0.1%

1. Black and white is a color scheme that never goes out of style. Our Black and White Classic Series glazed porcelain tiles are fantastic choices for wall and floor tiling.
2. These tiles are colored using 3D inkjet printing technology and they serve as long lasting tile solutions with their durability and low water absorption properties.

Our Black and White Classic series glazed tiles are beautiful to look at and are extremely durable. They are suitable for installation in your home and any other location that would look nice with decorative tiling.

Packing Information

Size(mm) Pcs/ctn Sqm/ctn Kg/ctn Ctns/pallet Pallet/20' (27t) Ctns/20' (27t) Sqm/20' (27t)
600X600 4 1.44 34.00 40 20 800 1152.00
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