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Glazed Porcelain Tiles

, Metro Series
  • BM60P118A

  • BM60P218A

  • BM60P318A

Detailed Information

Size 600x600mm/600x1200mm
Surface Polished/matt
Color Light grey/grey/beige
Grade AAA grade, first choice
Water absorption ≤ 0.1%

1. The Metro series of glazed porcelain tiles feature tiles with surfaces that have flow lines and a vivid ink level.
2. These tiles are painted to have a natural look similar to stone or marble.
3. Soft, stylish and imaginative textures provide an elegant aesthetic.
4. Ultra-high quality printing options on the surface of the tile to create amazing ceramic tile art.
5. Six-channel volume inkjet technology allows for many different types of texture grades.
6. Innovative ink glaze material, after firing at 1600 ℃, the tile’s layering becomes richer and creates a more durable tile product.

Our Metro series glazed porcelain tiles are widely used in high-end household spaces, public places, commercial exhibition spaces etc.

Packing Information

Size(mm) Pcs/ctn Sqm/ctn Kg/ctn Ctns/ pallet Pallets/20' (27t) Ctns/20' (27t) Sqm/20' (27t)
600X600 4 1.44 32.00 40 21 840 1209.60
600X1200 2 1.44 43.00 28 22 616 887.04
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